Alcoholic sparkling water: 101

Have you noticed everyone’s talking about alcoholic sparkling water – and wondered what the fuss is about?

We’ve compiled the alcoholic sparkling waters 101 guide to get you started and find out just why you should be trying one this summer.  

Alcoholic sparking water is not always plain

It’s not just alcoholic sparkling water!

Thinking we’re just fizzy, alcoholic water? Think again. Honeysuckle Distillery Hard Sodas feature the alcoholic soda base, but build on these with refreshing flavours such as Natural Lime and Natural Berry which cut through the noise.  

Thanks to the natural ingredients and blending process, our drinks are all gluten free, low in sugar and leave you feeling refreshed, without any lingering aftertaste. 

Not all Alcoholic sparking water is equal

Not all are created equally

Not all alcoholic sparkling waters on the market will offer the same refreshment as Honeysuckle Distillery Hard Sodas – nor with the same natural ingredients or delicious flavour. 

Alcoholic sparking water is refreshing without the harsh sweetness

They’re tasty & refreshing – without the harsh sweetness

Remember those really sugary alcopops from the noughties that made you wince with the sweetness? Thankfully those days are long behind us.

With a pared-back ingredients list, Honeysuckle Distillery Hard Sodas offer refreshment as well as a delicious flavour – without any aftertaste or harsh sweetness.