Hard Seltzer and Hard Soda: What’s the difference?

You may have noticed a lot of your friends recently asking for a hard seltzer when you’re at a bar or pub – saying it just really hits the spot and is super refreshing – without any aftertaste! – But have you wondered what seltzer really is?

Hard seltzer is a trend which exploded in the States in the past couple of years – and is now on the cusp of taking Australia by storm too. The drinks feature an alcoholic base, sparkling water and flavouring to create unique and refreshing cups. 

Hard seltzer and hard soda

But what makes a Honeysuckle Distillery Hard Soda different? Well… it’s all in the name. We are Australian by nature and Victorian by heart. We are Australian made, owned and manufactured – and it’s important to us that we have a name which reflects that. 

Aussies don’t have “seltzers” – we have sodas! That’s why our Hard Soda range is named just that. It’s also why we use natural and locally sourced ingredients to make our Hard Soda range that bit more delicious. 

Situated in regional Victoria, Honeysuckle Distillery offers two Hard Sodas: Natural Lime and Natural Berry. Whilst the former features an energising citrus punch, the latter is raspberry-based and has a sweeter profile. Both are extremely low in sugar (just 2g per serving), gluten-free and use all-natural ingredients.

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