Natural Hard Soda hacks up your soda game

Honeysuckle Distillery Hard Sodas are pared back by nature… which means they’re fresh ground for you to put your own personal stamp on them too.

Whether you choose our Natural Lime Hard Soda or Natural Berry Hard Soda, there are many ways which you can remix the drinks and add your own signature style.

fruity natural hard soda

Get fruity 

Lift your Hard Soda with a slice of natural fruit. Drop it in once you’ve poured the Hard Soda over the rocks and press the fruit gently with a stirrer to help release the flavour.

For your Natural Lime Hard Soda, fresh fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, peach, tangerine or grapefruit would all add different twists to suite your taste. Apples and even honey can also add a delicious twist. 

For Natural Berry, try a dash of orange juice blended through too. If you’re after something a little stronger, you can add an orange liqueur or Tequila to the mix too. 

Natural hard soda cocktail

Work into a cocktail

Both Hard Sodas in our range can be used as bases for your own cocktail game. Think mojitos – just add a dash of white rum, sprigs of fresh mint and a little sugar to your Natural Lime Hard Soda and you’re there! Or blend your Natural Berry Hard Soda with a little syrup, lemon juice, mint sprig and fresh raspberries for a twist on a Raspberry Collins. 

Mint to be all natural hard soda

Mint to be

Raid the herb garden – it’s the quickest and simplest way to fancy up your Hard Soda. Mint, thyme, rosemary, basil and even dill can work with Natural Lime and Natural Berry Hard Sodas for a brand-new flavour sensation. For the leafy herbs, clap them in your hands before you add to your drink to release the flavour.  Head to our shop here to get stuck into our delicious Hard Sodas.