Ready to drink cocktails: A summer favourite!

There’s a huge interest in ready-to-drink cocktails this summer… and it’s no wonder why.

With your favourite drink ready to go, you can easily stash away a few cans ready for your next adventure without having to think twice. Here’s what Honeysuckle Distillery fans have been saying about our Hard Soda and Spritz ready-to-drink ranges…

ready to drink crowd pleaser

Spritz is the best crowd-pleaser

Whether you’re heading off to a group picnic, house party or gathering, you need to be able to take something which will be a hit with your friends. With three different flavour adventures in our Spritz range, there’s absolutely something for everyone. Blood orange and cinnamon for a sophisticated palate… gin and yuzu for something crisp and refreshing, or mango and coconut for a tropical sensation. 

Did you know our Spritz drinks are named after different birds of paradise? These birds take their energy from honeysuckle – our namesake. It’s no wonder they are such a hit across the board. 

ready to drink in an esky

Spritz can pop in the esky hassle-free

Heading to the beach? Or maybe on a day hike in your favourite woods? What about camping over the long weekend? Or a festival? Honeysuckle Distillery Spritz or Hard Sodas are the perfect addition to your esky for the trip. Keep them cool and ready with a cooler block and crack open with friends during the day or into the night. 

There’s no need to lug around multiple bottles to mix up cocktails – just chuck in your cans and you’re ready to roll! At the end you can recycle the cans too – with zero hassle. 

don't sneak ready to drink

You don’t have that weird moment trying to sneak your booze home

Yes, we get it. Whilst you love taking all the kit for mojitos to your next house party – and mixing them up for yourself and friends… if there’s some left over at the end, it’s the cringest thing to sneak to the fridge and try and smuggle it all home whilst no-one sees. You spent $150 on the ingredients, you want to see it through!

Never fear friends, with a case of Spritz, you won’t mind leaving a couple behind – after all, what’s a few dollars in the scheme of things? 

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