Pre mixed drink garnish to jazz up your RTD

IT’S EASY BOOST YOUR RTD GAME WITH A SIMPLE PRE MIXED DRINK GARNISH. At Honeysuckle Distillery, we have three delicious pre-mixed drinks which work perfectly for that sun-downer moment: Paradise Gin Spritz, Splendid Gin Citrus and Tropical Vodka Crush. 

All named after different birds of paradise, these birds take their energy from honeysuckle – our namesake. In the same way birds of paradise like to show off their beautiful feathers, why not jazz up your Spritz with some beautiful garnishes to enhance the natural flavour?

Here’s a wrap of our favourite garnishes for each Spritz.

Dried blood oorange pre mixed drink garnish

Paradise Gin Spritz

The Paradise Gin Spritz combines the powerful sweet-sour flavour of blood orange with warming cinnamon to create a drink you won’t want to put down. The flavours are twisted with gin and soda for a refreshing experience. 

Garnish yours with a dried slice of blood orange or a stick of cinnamon to draw out the flavour. A ribbon of orange peel is another stunning garnish to add to the effect. 

add a zesty boost with a citrus pre mixed drink garnish

Splendid Gin Citrus

There’s nothing quite like yuzu – an exotic citrus fruit which is much sought-after by those in the know. This drink is an adventure waiting to be explored. 

Slice up some fresh citrus (lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit and yes, yuzu if you have it, are all great options) and gently squeeze over ice in a tall glass. For an added effect, cut one more slice and create a small slit from one edge to the centre to sit on the glass rim. This looks great with a smaller slice of fruit!

Mango pre mixed drink garnish

Tropical Vodka Crush

Mango and coconut are a match made in paradise, so it made perfect sense for us to use this as a base for our Tropical Vodka Crush Spritz. We have blended these two lovebirds with vodka, soda and natural flavours to create an unforgettable drink.

If you’re bananas for mangoes, drizzle in a dash of mango puree to enhance your favourite flavour. You can also look at adding a cut of lime, which also compliments the mango well.

If you’re a forward planner, chuck a few mango cubes into the freezer ahead of cocktail hour and use them as a replacement for ice. Cold, delicious and ready to roll. 

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