5 things to do to fight the winter blues

It’s officially winter – meaning the cold and wet days have arrived and more of our time is spent indoors seeking shelter and warmth. However, as the days are shorter and begin to feel seemingly gloomy at times, it can become tricky to not catch a case of the winter blues.

Which is why we have come up with our favourite activities to help fight those pesky winter blues and keep the stormy emotions at bay! From planning your very own winter adventure, to cosy movie nights and homemade cocktails – there’s plenty to enjoy throughout the colder months.

Plan a winter adventure

Get the crew together and plan an exciting winter adventure – which you’ll be sure to always remember. Whether it be a voyage through forest walking tracks, a weekend hiking trip or a camping escapade, plenty of laughter along with some stunning views is guaranteed. 

Nothing improves the mood like being at one with everything that nature has to offer. Even if it rains, it’ll be something to talk about for years to come. We love to plan a whole weekend away; there’s something special about the simplicity of sitting around the campfire sharing stories. Hot tip: a Hard Soda always goes down a real treat while relaying the day’s adventure.

Host a fire pit at home

If escaping the winter blues with a weekend adventure isn’t your vibe, bring the experience home with your very own fire pit. If you don’t already have one, Bunnings have you sorted with their huge selection of braziers and firepits.

Breathing in the cool air alongside the warmth of the fire always leaves us feeling content with our day. Whether you invite some friends over for a platter or roast some marshmallows, you’ll be sure to have a great time.

Have a movie night

Who can say no to a solid movie night? There’s just something about kicking back on the couch with every blanket you can find and a big bowl of popcorn that’s impossible to turn down.

Whether you invite some friends or family over or go solo for this one – all you need is your favourite list of movies and snacks to be set for the day. This is a particularly great one for those really rainy days: if your plans are ruined with wet weather then turn this into an opportunity for a movie marathon.

Create a simple homemade cocktail

Combat those dreary wintery feelings by bringing the taste of summer home with some homemade cocktails. Get creative and see if you can recreate some good old favourites and try some new blends as well.

We enjoy jazzing up our Spritz range to create a cocktail of our own with beautiful garnishes and an enhanced natural flavour, check out our ready to drink cocktail guide.

Keep moving daily

Aim to get outside for some fresh air each day – whether this means going for a walk, jog or ride, you’ll be feeling better for it!

You may even like to join an intense fitness class or try something more relaxing like yoga; the possibilities are endless. Group classes are also a great way to get out and meet new people, however, there’s also plenty of online options you may enjoy in the comfort of your home. Cool off with a guilt-free refreshing Hard Sodaat the end.