Behind the brand: the flavour creation

At Honeysuckle Distillery, we invite you to take a walk on the wild side. Distilled and blended in country Victoria, we have a thirst for adventure and are captivated by the wonders of nature – which has become the epitome of who we are.

Drawing inspiration from the wild and exotic birds of paradise, we have reimagined the bird through each phase in creating our brand. From the colours of our artwork to the names behind our drinks, we have worked to embrace this idea every step of the way. Even our company’s namesake, Honeysuckle, is inspired by the plant which nourishes the bird of paradise.

When we started to experiment with our distillation and flavour combinations, we knew we wanted to reflect an Aussie flavour spectrum with an exotic twist. This process began with plenty of research! From investigating popular cocktails that people love, to trying out many different flavour combinations of our own – it was all part of the adventure.

And what’s an adventure without some challenges along the way? Our journey was faced with three lockdowns due to the Covid-19 outbreak and like many businesses, our start-up was impacted, and our launch continuously delayed. But it’s amazing what you can achieve despite such setbacks, and we are so proud of our two ranges.

Distilled with a difference, our drinks are created with purely natural ingredients, are exceptionally low in sugar and are totally gluten free. What’s more, they each offer their very own taste adventure for you to embark on.

The Spritz Range

Our three Spritzes; Paradise Gin Spritz, Splendid Gin Citrus and Tropical Vodka Crush, are each named after a different bird of paradise. These delicious cocktail-inspired drinks blend an alcoholic soda base with different exotic flavour pairings.

The Paradise Gin Spritz champions one of our favourite flavour combinations – blood orange and cinnamon. This creates a powerful sweet and sour experience which we can never get enough of.

Next, our Splendid Gin Spritz creates an enticing experience with Yuzu as the main flavour component – a citrus fruit that gives the drink an exciting, crisp, and refreshing touch.

Last, but most definitely not least, is our Tropical Vodka Crush. For those of us dreaming of summery days on the beach in a tropical paradise; a blend of mango and coconut creates the base for this tempting drink.

The Hard Soda Range

The Hard Soda range is our answer to the hard seltzer trend and always goes down a real treat. When creating our Hard Soda, we wanted to keep the ingredients simple and to a minimum – letting the natural flavours and alcoholic soda base do all the talking. Both variations are made with a splash of vodka and are only 91 calories per can, making them totally guilt free when you just want to kick back with a good drop.

The first variation is Natural Lime, offering a delightful combination of vodka, soda and lime that creates a refreshing zing with pleasant citrus aromas.

Our Natural Berry blend is the choice for all our fruity fans out there! Combining a natural berry flavour that’s crisp and invigorates the senses.

Each of our Hard Sodas were made with the idea of bringing the market a unique and refreshing alternative to beers, ciders, or wine. And we think this has been a success – if we do say so ourselves!