Behind the brand: The spirit selection

Although we’re an adventurous bunch, we know everyone has their own preferences and tastes – which was why it was so important for us to create an inclusive range which featured different spirits and blends.

Honeysuckle Distillery is founded on the belief that each drink should be refreshing, unique and flavoursome – offering something you’ve never tried before. That’s why you’ll see flavour pairings such as cinnamon with blood orange taking centre stage.

Our Hard Sodas offer crisp refreshment and champion a vodka which is distilled in the heart of Victoria. Blended with Natural Lime or Natural Berry for two unique options, each Hard Soda is designed with refreshment in mind. The natural juices cut right to the chase with a burst of flavour. These are the easiest crowd-pleasers under the sun.

For Spritz, we mixed things up a little and experimented with a gin base. On our travels we tasted the zing of yuzu, a citrus fruit with a floral aroma and a punchy zest. We knew this would be the perfect companion for our gin base, also distilled in the heart of Victoria. Blending these two together with a dash of soda was a no-brainer. Splendid Gin Citrus was born!

The Paradise Gin Spritz combines the powerful sweet-sour flavour of blood orange with warming cinnamon to create a drink you won’t want to put down. The flavours are twisted with gin and soda for a refreshing experience.

We couldn’t create a cocktail range without one of our personal favourite combinations – mango and coconut. But how to make it work with gin? No matter how many times we rejigged the formula, we had to agree that this special cocktail wasn’t going to come to life this way. Introducing Victorian-made vodka changed the game and Tropical Vodka Crush soon became our hit tipple.

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