10 things you didn’t know about Honeysuckle Distillery

Our thirst for adventure and love for creating new and exciting exotic taste sensations is really no secret to anyone. In fact, this is most likely the first thing you will learn about us! But how close have you really been paying attention?

To help you get to know us a little more we have put together a list of 10 things you didn’t know about Honeysuckle Distillery. For those who have been on the ride with us for a bit longer, this is the ultimate opportunity to put your Honeysuckle knowledge to the test.

1. Honeysuckle Distillery launched November 2020

After the idea of Honeysuckle Distillery had sat for about 18 months, it then took another 14 months to take the design on a page to our launch in November 2020.

Initially we had planned our launch for August 2020, however, we had the challenging, exciting and daunting process of releasing our brand during a global pandemic! Like many businesses, we faced countless delays, but it turned out to be a pretty awesome early Christmas present.

2. Our drinks are distilled in Victoria

Entirely Australian made and owned, our delicious range of drinks are made locally in regional Victoria.

3. Our namesake is based on the honeysuckle plant

With a driving passion for everything nature, wilderness and the outdoors, we knew we had to choose a name that would fully capture this notion. Which is why we thought it would only be fitting to name ourselves after the Honeysuckle plant which nourishes the bird of paradise.

Which brings us to our next fact…

4. Honeysuckle Distillery’s Spritz range is name after different birds of paradise

Birds of paradise are rare and exotic creatures that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Having drawn inspiration from this through every step of our brand creation, it was only fitting to name each of our Spritz range after a different bird.

These free-spirited drinks combine delicious and exotic flavour pairings such as blood orange with warming cinnamon found in our Paradise Gin Spritz, or an exotic zing of yuzu in the Splendid Gin Citrus. Alternatively, mango and coconut create the base of our Tropical Vodka Crush.

5. Our drinks are distilled from purely natural ingredients

Bringing a new take on the seltzer trend, it was vital for us to keep the ingredients for both our Spritz and Hard Soda range to a minimum. Each variation is made from purely natural ingredients, are exceptionally low in sugar and totally gluten free.

Our flavour creation was all about reflecting on an Aussie flavour spectrum with an exotic twist; whilst our spirit selection aimed to create an inclusive range with exciting new blends.

6. Honeysuckle Distillery’s founder, Phil Henderson, was inspired by the freedom to innovate when creating the brand

Phil reflects on business ownership as being something he has considered for many years, possibly stemming from his childhood. Now with Honeysuckle Distillery up and running, the adventure has only just begun!

7. Launched with the goal to show the world what great Hard Sodas and Spritz look like

Distilled with a difference, Honeysuckle Distillery has become the ultimate destination for Aussies seeking a delicious new refreshment. We have brought forward an exciting and exotic twist every step of the way – from flavour creation right down to the can designs.

We were humbled and beyond grateful to have this recognised by winning silver in the Melbourne Design Awards 2021.

8. Our Hard Soda range kickstarted the Honeysuckle brand

Our Hard Soda range was first developed as Victoria’s answer to the Hard Seltzer trend which quickly built momentum in the US. We also wanted to offer a unique and refreshing alternative to beers, ciders and wine. With Natural Lime and a Natural Berry variation, they do exactly that!

9. Honey is not an ingredient in any of our drinks

One of our most commonly asked questions is if our drinks taste like honey… The answer is no! Our namesake has nothing to do with honey (from bees) and everything to do with the wild honeysuckle plant.

10. The most important thing to us is YOU!

We love having you join us on this adventure and hearing how you enjoy your Honeysuckle favourites! So be sure to have a try of the range and let us know your drink of choice via our socials.