Our premix guide for events and celebrations

Here at Honeysuckle Distillery, we always have something happening and love a good get together with friends and family! Whether it’s cheering on your favourite team for footy night, sitting around the firepit or celebrating milestones, there’s plenty of laughter and memories to create.

To help keep the good vibes going at any event or gathering, we’re sharing our favourite premixes that fit in with different occasions. Although, whatever your style you really can’t go wrong!

Friday night footy

The best day of the week is undoubtedly Friday night footy! We love kicking off the weekend by getting together with some mates for a BBQ or platter while watching the game. Whether you spend the night shouting at the TV or cheering (and consequently rousing the opposition), the one thing that completes the night is having a Hard Soda in hand.

Friday night footy guarantees plenty of excitement and moments where you can’t help but hold your breath. Which is why a straight-talking soda with a splash of vodka and some natural flavour is the ultimate premix for keeping you refreshed and prepared for the next goal.

Afternoon picnic

On those beautiful sunny days, especially in spring when the flowers are in full bloom, make the most of it with a relaxing afternoon picnic. Put together a basket with some of your favourite snacks and pack a couple cocktail glasses with the intention to ‘Spritz’ up your afternoon. We love preparing a simple platter with a selection of crackers, dips, cheese (because what’s a picnic without cheese?) and prosciutto.

Then, jazz up your premix drink game with some citrus garnishing! Our Spritz range creates the feel of a cocktail without the hassle – which is exactly what you need when enjoying a picnic.


If you have an upcoming housewarming and want to spoil your guests, or if you want to be the favourite guest, bring along a selection of Paradise Gin Spritz and Tropical Vodka crush. This is sure to keep all the gin and vodka lovers alike buzzing with delight. The best thing about a Spritz is not only are they delicious but they’re super versatile! No matter if you’ve got a casual garden party planned or want to go all out with some cocktails, they’ve got you sorted. In other words, they’re a total crowd pleaser.

Summer BBQ

Having a BBQ is pretty much a prerequisite to properly enjoying summer. When it comes to drinks that complement the good vibes of a summer BBQ, it’s kind of a choose your own adventure situation.

If you’re in charge of the grill or a part of the group standing around the BBQ having a laugh, a refreshing Hard Soda always goes down a real treat. Our citrus lovers can never get enough of the zing of our Natural Lime Hard Sodas, whilst our fruity fans relish the Natural Berry variation.

Likewise, sprucing up a BBQ with our summery Spritz always warrants a good time. Take your pick between a Paradise Gin Spritz, Splendid Gin Citrus or Tropical Vodka Crush for the ultimate sundowner and an exotic twist.

Casual winter firepit

There’s just something about sitting around a firepit with your friends and family, roasting marshmallows and sharing stories. We love sharing around the Hard Sodas, breathing in the fresh air, and simply appreciating the moment. Not to mention, this is also a great way to fight the winter blues.