Our Hard Sodas are a splash of vodka, some straight-talking soda and a dash of flavour. A Honeysuckle Distillery Hard Soda couldn’t be more refreshing if it tried.

Each case comes with 24 delicious Hard Sodas 330ml cans; Choose between our Natural Lime, with a citrus punch or our Natural Berry, delicious, crisp and refreshing.

Natural Lime

The natural lime zing in these Hard Sodas cuts right to the chase with a citrus punch. This is the easiest crowd-pleaser under the sun.

Carbonated water, Vodka (11.0%), Sugar (2g per serving), Lime Juice, Food Acid (Citric Acid), Natural Flavours

383 kJ (91 Cal) a can (330ml)

4.4% Alc. Vol

Natural Berry

Fruity fans are satisfied with this Hard Soda – a natural berry flavour which packs all of the punch of a delicious cocktail with none of the nasties.

Carbonated water, Vodka (11.0%), Sugar (2g per serving), Natural Flavours, Food Acid (Malic Acid)

383 kJ (91 Cal) a can (330ml)

4.4% Alc. Vol

ALL NATURAL. No nasties.

Every single Honeysuckle Distillery drink is gluten free and is chocked full of natural flavours and ingredients.

Nutrtional Info

Serving size 330ml

Avg Qty Per Serving
Energy (KJS) 383KJ (91 Cal)
Gluten Fat. Total


ND <0.3g


Carbohydrate 3g
Sugars 2g
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